For years, I have been listening to those in and around the district, and it is clear that Delaware needs new, bold leadership that will focus on affecting positive change for the next generation. While there are many issues impacting our state, I have heard repeatedly from residents and stakeholders that we need to improve our public schools, grow our economy and focus on our long-term fiscal health.


Referendums are simply a band-aid to the education problem in Delaware. We are among the top states for education spending, yet in the bottom third for performance. It’s time to evaluate how we spend taxpayer money and the effectiveness of how our children are being prepared for the future.

We can improve education working with those on the front lines ­– teachers, parents and principals.

  • Put the focus – and funding – where it belongs: on our children and in our classrooms.
  • Empower educators by encouraging creativity and reducing the amount of testing.
  • Strengthen our schools to attract and retain businesses and talented workers.


With the State consistently relying on volatile and unreliable revenue sources, the ability to develop a balanced budget each year becomes more challenging. Delaware is essentially living paycheck-to-paycheck. It’s time to develop new funding mechanisms for the First State and make the tough decisions necessary to focus funding where it’s needed most.

As a state, it’s time to make bold choices to improve our long-term fiscal health.

  • Prioritize spending versus blanket cuts across the board.
  • Identify and embrace reliable revenue streams.
  • Incentive businesses to build and grow in the First State.


In the new economy, it’s not enough to create jobs. We must develop a foundation for long-term, economic viability that encourages new ideas and invites entrepreneurs and businesses focused on innovative ideas to build or grow their business in the First State.

Economic development needs to be a public-private partnership to succeed.

  • Create innovation zones around our research and development clusters in Delaware.
  • Support start-up companies and small businesses.
  • Invest in amenities to encourage millennials to build careers here.