A Champion for Change

We need an educator, innovator and problem solver to bring a fresh perspective,
new ideas and renewed energy to Legislative Hall.

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Leading the Next Generation

“Meredith is the consensus builder we desperately need in Dover.”

– Former Governor Michael N. Castle

Hear What Others Are Saying

A Newark Native

As a Newark native, I know the value of our community and how
important it is to improve the public school system, grow the economy
and focus on long-term fiscal health.

Meet Meredith

An Educator for Education

As an educator, I know the importance of supporting those in our schools and ensuring
our tax dollars get to our teachers and children in the classroom.

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On Tuesday, Nov. 8th, Vote Change. Vote Chapman.

With more than a decade of experience in government, media and education, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to Legislative Hall in order to affect positive change that will impact not only the constituents within our district, but friends, neighbors and businesses throughout the First State.

We need courage and forward thinking to resurrect our failing education system. We need to spur innovation to create a sustainable business ecosystem. We need to be bold by changing financial models in our state to allow the next generation to be flexible with their ideas. We need change, and I want to be your Champion for Change in the Greater Newark and Hockessin area and our great State of Delaware. Please join me on this journey – and together, we can move Delaware forward!

I hope you will support me on November 8th! If you’d like to join #TeamChapman, email chapmansenatede@gmail.com.

And be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates of what I’m doing on the campaign trail to be your #ChampionForChange!

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